What we offer:

Thanks to our wide-range examination methods we are of service to pigeon-owners in preventing and treating currently known infectious and non-infectious pigeon diseases.

Besides accuracy and reliability we put great emphasis on quick services. We diagnose diseases requiring even the most complex diagnostic methods in 2-3 days the latest.

If necessary, we ensure the quickest and most accurate diagnosis of diseases concerning a loft by on-site sampling and dissection.

In light of the results we provide treatment and prevention advice, guaranteeing effective healing. The results are first discussed with the owner by phone then in writing.

The advantage of professional consultancy

Most of the infectious and non-infectious diseases are of complex origin and their outbreak is greatly influenced by environmental factors.

To prevent the outbreak of further diseases and to cure the diseases currently present it is beneficial if lab results are not only evaluated on their own but also in the context of housing, nutrition and epidemiological factors. This can lead us closer to the root of the problem and by the optimalisation of environmental conditions we can effectively fight against both infectious and non-infectious diseases.